18 March 2010

Only White Theme: 26 Photos

From Denny: This is a collection pulled together from the wonderful Creative Commons photographers over at flickr. It's fun to explore the world to discover what so many dissimilar animals, flowers, insects, clothing, food, buildings, people and places all have in common: the color white.

You are free to use these photos on your blog or site as long as you give the name of the photographer, the site and a link back to their page like I've done here.

Hope you enjoy the choices! :)

Only White

White snowy owl by Tambako the Jaguar @ flickr

White peacock by be_khe @ flickr

White fungus and shrimp wanton by FotoosVanRobin @ flickr

White cat on white couch by pizazz @flickr

White birch tree in snow by Vitorio Benedetti @ flickr

White coffee cup by Vitorio Benedetti @ flickr

White sea foam by Vitorio Benedetti @ flickr

White rose by lilli2de @flickr

White spotted jellyfish by coda @ flickr

American White House entrance for 2008 open house holiday by KRSPO @ flickr

Albino peacock by The Real Darren Stone @ flickr

White Curly Scarf by zehhhra @ flickr

White torte by zoyachubby @ flickr

White bengal tiger underwater by Gore Fiendus (Jerry Frausto) @ flickr

White turban by jasleen_kaur @ flickr

White on white by James Jordan @ flickr

Wing waving white ermine by e3000 @ flickr

White Pelican by mikebaird @ flickr

White orchid by forteller.ipernity.com @ flickr

White Polar fox resting in hollow log in Switzerland zoo by Tambako the Jaguar @ flickr

White horse by Tambako the Jaguar @ flickr

White winter beach at dawn by James Jordan @ flickr

White arctic wolf by Tambako the Jaguar @ flickr

White day white gulls by eschipul @ flickr

White flowers by OliBac @ flickr

White moth white flower by Anvica @ flickr

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