29 July 2009

Weird New Planet, Funny Quotes, Awww Pet Video, Chocolate News, Cajun Story with Recipe, and Dreams That Keep You Asleep

Featured on some of my blogs today:

Comfort Food From Louisiana: John's Cajun Pot Roast - Recounting a story about my Cajun father-in-law, Justin Wilson, John's recipe with my adaptations for the classic pot roast Cajun style!

The Social Poets: Cheeky Quote Day! 29 July 2009 - Wednesday is Hump Day of the Work Week and we all need a good grin!

The Healing Waters: Awww Pet Video: Dog and Cluck - two unlikely but inseparable friends, really cute!

Romancing The Chocolate: Video: Chocolate Production Down - Venezuela's Faded Cacao Crop - the latest news about chocolate production, horrors! :)

The Soul Calendar: Video: Too weird to be believed - a new planet in the solar system?
- While we all have heard of this what struck me as interesting was the illustration of how this planet is located in relation to the others, really weird. It looks like a lost ball in high weeds.

Beautiful Illustrated Quotations: How Can Our Dreams Prevent Us From Awakening?
- OK, I had some fun writing this quotation commentary today. Jung is a deep guy and you can write to the end of the Universe and back about his subject matter!

Photo of solar system by alicepopkorn @ flickr

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