20 March 2010

Health Care Reform Resistance, Funny Political Cartoons - 20 Mar 2010

From Denny: "March Madness" sure is descriptive of the health care reform politics more than the basketball season that was drowned out by all the political cowards and hypocrites. I sure will be glad when the House votes tomorrow whether to pass or fail the health care reform bill. Look at it this way: pass the darned thing and tinker with what's wrong with it later, making adjustments as you go along, finding out what is more needed and what is not.

Included are cartoons both pro and con in regard to the health care reform issue. What I find striking is how those against the reform don't mention the huge fast-rising health care premium costs from the insurance companies. And those excessive Republican ads they are running in my state are complaining about how Obama Care is going to cost the taxpayer $60 million is an outright lie. Those ads are underwritten by the insurance companies, the same guys we pay premiums. Kind of annoying, don't you think? Using our money to produce and run lying ads.

The reality is Obama is saving $60 million by cleaning up Medicare by reducing waste and fraud. Yeah, that's right. The good news is Obama finally put some enforcement teeth into dealing with the fraud. Already, 16,000 companies who scammed the taxpayers during the Bush-Cheney years, have folded shop because they were found out to be shell companies. Now that's the enforcement the public was looking for from the Obama administration. Good government isn't always about throwing wads of money at a problem. Many times it's about being good stewards with that money. To do that you have to actually deal with those who are stealing from the public treasury.

The cartoonists had a good time lampooning both sides of the political aisle, calling it "health care reform resistance." They are still not happy with Israel's obvious peeing dog behavior on Vice President Biden. There is debate in Israel that it was not a smart move as well.

Between the public's high disapproval rating of Congress and the cartoonists' disdain there are a lot of cartoons expressing dissatisfaction. And what about crazy conservative Texas taking over our public school systems? Hard to believe that this one ultra conservative guy who is throwing out regular textbooks in Texas could affect the rest of America.

This so-called conservative revolution is nothing but a grab for money. These same textbooks were pushed and written by the likes of Newt Gingrich who altered the facts to his liking rather than face reality. The sad thing is if we allow this to stand then an entire generation of free-thinking minds go down the black hole into controlled minds for political gain.

Did you hear that Tiger Woods is showing up to play in the Masters? True. Expect those cartoons out the next week or so as I'm sure the cartoonists will have some interesting perspective. :) Take a look at this week's offerings and let me know what you think. Thanks for stopping by for a visit!

Health Care Reform Resistance:

Public's attitude toward their state and federal politicians:

America's neighborhoods:

Supreme Court wimp:

U. S. Census vs. privacy:

Israel's bad attitude of biting the hand that has fed them for decades:

Fantasy education sponsored by the Republicans:

Conservatives re-write historical fact with their brand of fiction. Read that as Newt Gingrich wrote several of those fantasy factual "textbooks" to pass as educating materials in our public schools. Gingrich and his cronies stand to make a lot of money to their bank accounts once this Texas guy forces lies into the classroom across America.

First it's "throw the bums out" for the politicians. Now it's "throw the bums out" for teachers across America. The average 13 year old American child cannot read but on the third grade level. When did this country become a third world country? Don't worry, Baby Boomer generation. You will have a high-paying job for life plus 70 years at the rate the Republicans have taken apart the public school system. And it's getting worse if we allow The Gingrich Program to advance:

The Tiger Woods grand slam return to the world of golf... as usual, money trumps good character:

Your Toyota "ride":

March Madness:

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