13 March 2010

Cartoonists Cajun Whoop A$$ on Everyone - 40 Funny Political Cartoons - 13 Mar 2010

From Denny: It's like the cartoonists came down to Louisiana this week and purchased a Cajun can of Whoop A$$ to beat up on just about everybody. They echoed the average Americans' frustration with Congress dragging its feet on health care reform that could have been done months ago. They scourged Tiger Woods displaying their "high" opinion of him. Wait until you see that cartoon. Oh, now, come on; don't go scrolling down just yet. :)

Instead of creating good legislation to cure the country's problems, the Republicans have been plotting, scheming and politically attacking with ads, gossip, Liar News stories over at Fox News - and even trotted out Chief Justice Roberts to attack the Obama presidency - all in one week.

With that they pounced on Rahm Emmanuel, the biggest pragmatist who is about getting things done in a timely fashion. Read that as he does not baby-sit the whining Republicans.

Of course, they regularly attack Speaker Nancy Pelosi who got almost 300 bills passed successfully this year. The Senate has not acted upon one - thanks to the Republicans. That's right: 300. She did her job and they totally hate her for it.

The latest drama is the House Democrats don't trust the Senate Democrats to screw them over if they vote for this health care bill. Right now the House Dems are trying to get real commitments from the Senate Dems to carry out the vote. Amazing how deep the lobbyists go into all the Senatorial pockets, isn't it? Lobbyists completely own the Republicans and a number of Democrats and Independents.

The Roberts cartoons probably won't be out until next week. What a fool this man is; he just opened himself up to media scrutiny and cartoonists' jabbing. The current Supreme Court is not held in high esteem by its own American Bar Association. They chastised the Justices for their corrupt rulings, one of them in regard to the 2000 Presidential election where they allowed time to run out rather than rule properly.

It's time to call for impeachment of several of the Justices. Too much power has corrupted them. Life time appointments need to end and America requires term limits for every politician and judge - in the federal courts and on the Supreme Court bench. Well, at least the House has begun impeachment proceedings for the racist guy who is federal judge here in the Louisiana district: Porteous. It's about time someone did something about the man. He was Bush and Cheney's big hero for the corrupt "the fix is in" cause.

Toyota maybe should consider renaming itself as "The Hurt Locker" because there are "in-coming" class action lawsuits bombing them by the second. Last week the estimates were at $3 billion and two days after that it was $5 billion to the automaker in lawsuit payouts. Sure, it might take a decade for the people to finally see the money but hey, they are motivated. Toyota basically tried to kill them by putting out what they knew to be unsafe vehicles. That's amoral in any body's book.

And, of course, the cartoonists just had to blast Obama on his health hypocrisy. The man is still smoking. While he does have low blood pressure and is thin and fit otherwise, his cholesterol is sky high. I have a couple of friends who were just told to quit smoking for the same reasons.

I'd like to know what is really in those blanking cigarettes that makes it so incredibly difficult for people to lay them down forever. There are over 70 dry cleaning chemicals in cigarettes along with special catalysts to increase addiction. You would think smokers would be outraged at being so manipulated by a legal form of drug dealers they would quit using the product. If Obama wants to be taken seriously about health in general, he needs to kick it up a notch and quit now.

Take a look at this week's cartoonists take on the news:

Typical world politics. Will the temper tantrums ever end? Will someone pah-leez tame the wild egos...? Maybe we ought to name Obama "The Ego Whisperer." I'm sure the cartoonist meant to criticize Obama for paying too much attention to the domestic agenda instead of nurse-maiding other feuding countries and cultures.

The Oscars - this was rather sweet when a female director beat out the ex-husband with the most grossing movie:

Obama vs. Big Business - Insurance companies also known as The Obnoxious:

We Love Rahm Emmanuel at our house. He's the pragmatist who pushes hard to get something done! Obama and Harry Reid need an army of Rahm clones. Resurrect the whole graveyard if you need to, Mr. President! :)

EU countries possibly declaring bankruptcy could affect more than just Europe. Right now Greece is in dire straits with Ireland, Spain and Portugal close on their heels:

The ongoing dilemma of Canadian currency. At least the Canadians manage to keep a good humor about it all. No wonder they call it The Loon:

Controversial Israeli settlements where Israel thought it cool to lift his proverbial dog leg and pee all over VP Biden on international television when he visited. Yeah, that will win a lot of sympathy for Israel in the future. Just how stupid is this guy - or what drugs is he on?

Foolish cartoonists mocking a guy's religion too much:

Sex scandals, church and politics. It's all about the ego culture of power otherwise known as "because they can" get away with it:

This Eric Massa story is so strange. It's taken so many twists and turns for what is claimed to have happened - with some mighty outrageous claims - that it makes me wonder if the man has a need to check into a hospital and get checked out for a brain tumor. Either that or he's in the process of a psychotic break - a nervous breakdown.

Someone needs to talk to him and get him to a health professional be it an oncologist or a psychiatrist because something is definitely weird here. His odd antics came flying out of nowhere like a bomb drop. I guarantee if he were a woman everyone would have demanded he go get checked out by his doctors. Because he's a man they actually think he's not talking nonsense.

Something is very wrong here and the Democratic leadership needs to actually lead. Sure he should resign but don't leave it there. The guy is obviously a member of the "walking wounded club" for some reason. Find out why.

Current state of the art airline safety and "privacy":

Colorado gunslingers still getting criticism from cartoonists:

The current state of the GOP:

About that warning sign of feeding wild animals who don't know you...

Tiger Woods continuing commentary:

Toyota's long journey to nowhere:

The United States Postal Service losing money:

President Obama's health check-up where he was admonished to quit smoking because it raised his cholesterol levels up high:

And the kids' protest movement says:

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