11 May 2010

Funny Video: Hilarious SNL Host Betty White

Photo by tansan @ flickr

From Denny: As an actress and comedian, who knew you could be blessed with popularity in your old age? Betty White is enjoying her tenure at Saturday Nite Live and on funny TV ads. Though I've never watched her Golden Girls TV show reruns or the original, whenever I have seen her in interview or previews our house laughed so much we couldn't believe it came out of her mouth. The woman knows how to deliver a funny line.

SNL gave her the spotlight for the monologue and she put on her Betty White comedy track shoes and ran with it. She is almost 89 years old and still going strong. She also went out carousing and drinking all night long with the SNL cast after the show. Like what does she have to lose? She's pushing 90 and she might as well enjoy the time she has left on the planet. :)

In her monologue she referenced the Facebook campaign and basically ripped on Facebook as a total time waster with a "who the hell is facebook?" cheeky grinned comment. "In my day, seeing pictures of people's vacations, was considered a punishment." She's still right about that one. :)

Here's Betty White and Tina Fey together in a census sketch. Betty plays the role of crazy resident. Of course, she nailed it with her usual deft comedic panache.

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