04 March 2010

Chef Jamie Oliver Discovers American Kids Dont Know Veggies

From Denny: Chef Jamie Oliver recently discovered that America's first graders cannot identify even the most common vegetables and fruits like tomatoes and potatoes.

The British chef is on a mission to improve the diets of America's school kids. He entered a first grade classroom and queried the children as he held up each vegetable from a table display. They did not know one. All they knew was they didn't like vegetables when he first uncovered the display as audible gasps were heard throughout the classroom.

His first stop on Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution - celebrity chef of Naked Chef fame - was to visit what is known as the unhealthiest city in America: Huntington, West Virginia. Chef Oliver is determined to improve America's ingrained bad eating habits and turn us away from the alarming rising rate of obesity. He is hoping this new series will be the catalyst for a healthy food reaction across America.

Take a look at these cute kids who clearly did not know what was on their plate or have any idea of the connection from farms or gardens to their lunch plate:

*** Almost every time I go to the grocery store the cashier asks me what those fruits and veggies are called. Hmmmm... maybe I should start memorizing those bar codes? :)

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