08 March 2010

48 Post Roundup: Dennys Blogs 7 Mar 2010

From Denny: Here are the best links from the blogs this past week to help get you caught up, enjoy. OK, get ready... start grinning! :) By the way, have revamped the look of most of the blogs. Spring is in the air and change is good.

From The Social Poets:

Strike Outs: Bunning, Health Care, Chile, Toyota: 44 Funny Political Cartoons, 6 Feb 2010

Honoring Ourselves poem - Libations Friday 5 Mar 2010

Students Now Stand 4 Famous Math Teacher in Stand and Deliver Movie

Funny Psychic Groundhog Phil Blessed Us With More Winter - Cheeky Quote Day 3 Mar 2010

Republican Senator Flips Off Middle Finger to Families: Takes Food Off Kids Plates

Dick Cheney Fakes Heart Attacks, Glenn Beck Lies on Stage, CPAC Hate Mongering, Colorado Gunslingers - Funny Roundup of Late Night Comedy 1 March 2010

From Dennys Global Politics:

Hissy Fit Over Controversial Armenian Genocide Vote

Speaker Pelosi Grades the Republicans on Lack of Governing

Update: Republican Senator Flips Off Middle Finger to Families: Takes Food Off Kids Plates

From The Soul Calendar:

Chilean Earthquake Shortened Earths Day

8.8 Chilean Earthquake 500 Times More Powerful than Haiti

From the food blogs:

From Comfort Food From Louisiana:

Enjoy Louisiana Culture: Love Those Eggplant Recipes

Chef Jamie Oliver Discovers American Kids Dont Know Veggies

Cold Weather: Real Deal Hearty Beef Stroganoff, Beef Ribs, Pineapple Cake

From Romancing The Chocolate:

7 Easy Recipes for Relaxed Weekend Food

Tasty Creative Oyster Stew Recipes

Warm Soups 4 Cold Rainy or Snowy Days

Stop That Cold in Its Tracks: Illness Fighting Foods

Does it Get Any Better? Funny Curtis Stones Healthy Pasta, Chocolate Recipes

From Unusual 2 Tasty:

Ming Tsai’s Chinese New Year Feast: Year of the Tiger

Olympics Seafood Dish: Pan Roasted Black Cod, Sunchokes, Lentils and Mushrooms

Vancouver Olympics Indian Veggies Recipe, Coconut and Curry

Try Vancouver Olympics Food at Home

From Beautiful Illustrated Quotations:

Uplifting Soul Quote: What is Your Power in the World?

Spiritual Energy: Can Simple Words Add to Our Quality of Life?

Where is the Best Place to Rivet Our Focus?

What Are Your Impediments to Success?

Do You Know Your Failures as Your Best Successes?

Do You Treat Your Ideas Like Beautiful Magic?

How is Your Dream Vision Impacted by Life Challenges

What One Attitude is the Pivotal Point of Achieving Success?

Evidence of the Afterlife: New Book Offers Proof

7 Greatest Peace Quotes Ever

What Was Your Epiphany Moment?

From The Healing Waters:

7 Quick Tips to Happiness: Banish Late Winter Blues

90 Second Health Boost Tips

8 Funny Advice Quotes About Sleeping

Are You Sleep Deprived? Smart Tips 4 Sound Sleep

Unlocking Foods Healing Powers

6 Good Friends You Need to Live a Long Life

Cinderella Makeup Artist Lauren Luke Goes Viral

Springs New Ruffle Loose and Sophisticated: 4 Ways to Wear It

From the humor and photo blogs:

Outrageous Funny Video: Procrastination

30 Funny Creative Animal Ads

Funny Talented Dancing Traffic Cop

16 Funny Blissful Sleepers Photos

10 Make You Think Fantasy Photos

Check Out Funny Fat Tuesday Afterglow Photos and Quotes

And a couple more that published while I was putting together this post that took two hours. Read that as I forgot... :)

Check Out Statistics 4 Real Cost of Fast Food vs. Whole

Funny Tutorial Video: The Busy Desk of the Animator

Photo by d u y q u @ flickr

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