19 July 2011

The Social Poets: News Corp Scandal Grows: Death and Resignations

Photo by Suzanne Plunkett/Reuters

The Social Poets: News Corp Scandal Grows: Death and Resignations: "From Denny: As Billionaire Tabloid Media Mogul Rupert Murdoch seeks to fend off the media and investigation sharks, more drama unfolds day by day. Here's the current tally:

* Sir Paul Stephenson, the top police official, resigned once allegations surfaced he employed some pricey folks from News Corp as advisers to the UK's Scotland Yard at the steep price of $1,700 a day. Sign me up on that assignment.

* Next on the resignation chopping block today is John Yates, the London police commissioner. He was in charge of an investigation back in 2006, looking into illegal telephone intercepts by NotW. Obviously, he did a good job of burying that investigation for Murdoch.

9/11 victims may have been hacked

* On this side of the Atlantic in America there are as yet unsubstantiated allegations that a private investigator and a former New York City police officer were offered payments for sending information about 9/11 victims News Corp's way. If found to be true, those guys had better move to another planet as the entire city might erupt."
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