13 July 2011

Dennys Funny Quotes: Funny Movie Trailer: Horrible Bosses

Dennys Funny Quotes: Funny Movie Trailer: Horrible Bosses: "From Denny:  Hey, it's Monday!  In honor of the Front Day of the Work Week - where groans and moans are heard throughout the nation as we sit in rush hour traffic, bleary-eyed and barely awake - why not get a good laugh?

I've been waiting for the longer movie trailer like this one to come out.  Of course, my computer crashed last week and had to replace it with a new love of my life so that delayed me getting this clip up on this blog.  While I was in technology oblivion I was reduced to snail TV yet every time this trailer came on TV it made me laugh.  Share a grin with me and think about how you want to take back your power - and, in many cases, your dignity - from your annoying Horrible Bosses!"
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