03 March 2012

The Social Poets: Funny Late Nite Jokes About GOP Rick Santorum

The Social Poets: Funny Late Nite Jokes About GOP Rick Santorum: From Denny: At the beginning of this leap year month it was "Rick Santorum -who?!" In just the past two weeks he climbed the GOP primary charts. With that sudden rise in popularity came the late night jokes to prove he was noticed by national voters.

Of course, never mind he achieved that notice by screaming out the most weirdo conservative positions. He took a page out of the Gingrich Playbook. If it worked for him, maybe it would work for Santorum.

Then came the rambling undisciplined speeches from Santorum that left the voters wondering what he said. Republican political strategists wildly started pulling out their already thinning hair at the notion of Santorum making it to their convention.

Forget my fellow journalists. The best guys to vett any political candidates are the comedians in my book. Since I'm the publishing and journalism industry's dreaded hybrid they have yet to catch up to or understand, - a journalist blogger - I'm delivering the unvarnished truth to my loyal readers with a dash of spicy opinion and a liberal dose of humor. After all, who said we can't enjoy some funnies along with our consideration of who we will consider not voting for in the November election?
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