17 April 2010

Whats Happening in America This Week - Political Cartoons 17 Apr 2010

From Denny: This has been quite the eventful news cycle. The terrible tragedy that happened to Poland, losing all their top leaders all at once, was quite a shock. Now with the Icelandic volcano spewing ash all across northern Europe it's impossible even for President Obama to cross the Atlantic and fly in for the state funeral. Many leaders could not attend. Perhaps this was meant to be a private moment just for the Polish people...

The week was also dominated by President Obama meeting with other world leaders in a nuclear summit to determine what they will do to curb their own stockpiles as well as prevent proliferation - notably volatile irrational Iran.

The wing nut brigade returns center stage to blast any quality nominees for the Supreme Court replacement of Justice Stevens as he retires. And why does the President even listen to these guys? These are the same people who encourage their followers to issue death threats to Democrats and the President on a regular basis. They are inciting civil war, one not of political fights but of blood. Why would anyone consider their desires when they are the same people trying to kill you?

The tax season wound up this week too, much to everyone's relief - until next year's annoying frustration. :) Cartoonists were still churning out some goodies concerning tax season to make you laugh till your sides hurt.

Obama also announced this week cuts and redirection of the NASA program. Sounds like he cut off at the knees the Bush and Cheney paychecks of those excessive over run programs like the Constellation. We all knew that eventually something would have to give over at NASA. I would hope we do not turn too much of our security and scientific advancement over to private business that could end up like Wall Street: a gorilla too big to tame. Perhaps a cautionary tale, Mr. President?

Tiger Woods was back in the news for returning to golf to play the Masters tournament he did not win. The cartoonists had fun lampooning his return.

Make sure to visit back here next week. The best is yet to come: oh, baby, the cartoonists will be lampooning Wall Street and Goldman Sachs for their recent indictment by the government for just the beginning of their sleaze and fraud. There should be high drama this next week in the news and the cartoons to follow will prove entertaining! :)

Hope everyone is having a great weekend with the advent of the warmer Spring weather! Enjoy the cartoonists and their commentary...

In honor of Poland's terrible tragedy this week of losing their President, First Lady and heads of all their government agencies in one shocking unbelievable plane crash:

Choosing a new Supreme Court Justice to replace Justice Stevens who is retiring:

As usual the Republican cartoonists just have to be nasty about Hillary. They really do have a "hate on" for the Clintons:

Those pesky little governments causing so many problems in the world:


Oh, those wing nut Republicans:

Remnants of the Holocaust:

More iPad funnies:

Where science meets the tax season:

Controversial NASA cutbacks:

First there was airport security now there's volcano terrorism:

Tiger Woods is baaaack!

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