05 June 2010

Funny Fathers Day Cartoons - 5 June 2010

*** Both a funny and serious side to how children perceive their fathers!

From Denny: Remember when you thought your father was perfect and could do no wrong? Remember when you realized he was just a human being like you and made mistakes? Remember when you thought your father was out of touch with current culture and so totally lame? Remember when you started remembering all the good advice he gave you now that you are grown with your own children to parent? Remember when he passed away and you wished he was here to talk with you?

All those rush of memories and sentiments are rolled up into one relationship with a father. Fathers can be remote and detached, engaged and affectionate, harsh and judgmental, giving and nurturing. That's why they call them - and us - people!

Take a look as cartoonists remember their fathers and the role of a father in today's new technology culture.

Father photo by Shirley Buxton @ flickr

What every father wants to hear after spending $80,000 on his son's university:

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