11 April 2010

Weekly Posts Roundup at Dennys Blogs - 11 Apr 2010

From Denny: This has been a wild week. The starting weeks of pollen season and we all have been sneezing and experiencing watery eyes and sheer misery. I've come to the conclusion that the attack of the killer plants is all about putting our bodies on overload so we will start dumping winter's toxins. Spring is the time of year when our livers go through detox - and do it for free! The Big However is that it can be inconvenient scheduling to say the least. When the liver starts detoxing you get sluggish, lethargic and sleepy, not exactly productive. See? Nothing is wrong with you after all; it's just Nature's regular Spring house cleaning. Tell that to your boss while you are dragging in to work or not as peppy as usual... :)

Seems like Blogger has had issues this week as well. It's been sheer hell trying to get anything published. The old editor will accept editing and copy and paste but won't publish. The new editor will not accept editing or copy and paste but hey! just push the publish button and it works! Totally crazy with all the toggling back and forth between Blogger dashboards...

But the good news is that after waiting over a year for a fix on the Google Connect for those of us with blogs that carry Google ads, we no longer experience disappearing followers. I always try to put these widgets on all my blogs so other bloggers can advertise their blogs too when they become followers. That's how many of my readers found me - by seeing me listed as a follower or visitor on someone else's blog. So, please be sure to join up on the various blogs to make sure you get seen - and I have plenty of fellow bloggers as company to keep me sassy! :)

Oh, and if you are a fellow blogger, make sure you count your blog stats with your feed counts. Feedburner does a stellar job of counting your views, clicks and visits to your blogs. These views may not be physical visitors to your blog as they are viewing in a reader - so won't get counted by your blog counters. I finally got around to adding in my feed counts to the totals and was pleasantly surprised and downright shocked at all the counts I had not known were always waiting to be noticed. This week alone over 105,000 folks showed up or viewed in a reader posts on all my blogs. Thank you for such a fabulous response, especially over at Delicious social site! You are amazing! Do try to pay a physical visit to the blogs as each one is created with a specific theme, color sense and emotional or spiritual feel to benefit the reader.

It's funny how when you start a blog - The Social Poets was my first - you never realize how things are going to morph and grow. When I branched off into other blogs to park different themed posts like spiritual quotes and my spiritual thoughts about them over at Beautiful Illustrated Quotations it has been astounding the response for what I figured would be a small niche market. Well, I sure was wrong about that assumption.

When I was having fun tripping through the Creative Commons area of Flickr and put up themed posts over at my photo blog, Visual Insights, again folks flocked to grin along with me! Who knew how much fun we all could have together? Serious or funny - readers are interested in good content. Sooner or later they will find you. So, if you are like I was 18 months ago, thrilled just to have 20 people a month show up at my first blog but wondering how anyone would find out about what my blog was offering, don't despair. Bookmark your posts and your readers will begin to find you through the search engines and social sites. It just takes time.

Here's a tax season grin since I just spent three hours doing my taxes:

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