18 April 2010

Posts Roundup This Week at Dennys Blogs - 18 Apr 2010

From Denny: This Spring weather and the new warm breezes have me outside gardening. Read that as digging up weeds by the armful. :)

Have you ever noticed that the weeds never die during the winter? They always pop back up in early Spring when they know you will find it too cold to go out there and pull them out of the ground.

It's like weeds have some national coalition where they plot and scheme their special strategy each Spring just to get ahead of the gardener. They always grow at triple the rate of your regular shrubs, trees and plants.

Their exuberance is amusing - until it comes time to remove the pesky interlopers from the flower beds. Come to think of it, weeds are a lot like political parties - always a nuisance, always doing something somewhere they should not be doing it and laughing at you the entire time.

I did manage to find some time to write this week. Included here are also some of the previous week that proved to be quite popular that maybe you didn't get a chance to check out.

The new photo post of stellar Spring photos took four hours to research and another two hours to upload and link for the post. Photo posts remind me of a good meal: it can take an hour or more to make and only twenty minutes to devour. :)

The Social Poets:

Whats Happening in America This Week - Political Cartoons 17 Apr 2010

Pollen Storms poem - Libations Friday 9 April 2010 - I just got around to posting last week's poem this week. To keep your sense of humor during the pollen onslaught this season, read on... :)

Top 15 Bestsellers of What America is Reading: 15 Apr 2010

Funny Tax Quotes - Cheeky Quote Day 14 Apr 2010 - Laugh at funny tax quotes and tax cartoons, find out about the Fair Tax idea versus how we collect our taxes now and look at a news clip that breaks down how our tax dollars are used by the federal government.

* Rich bachelors should be heavily taxed. It is not fair that some men should be happier than others. - Oscar Wilde

Roundup of Late Night Comedy 13 Apr 2010

Funny Tax Man Cartoons

Weekly Posts Roundup at Dennys Blogs - 11 Apr 2010

The Social Poets listed: 100 Great Web Sites for Poetry Lovers - This was a happy find to be included on such a great list of company!

Dennys Global Politics:

Clinton Addresses Wingnuts, Wall Street Cries Foul, Radioactive Obama Nominee, Airplanes and Volcanos - News Headlines 16 Apr 2010

Icelands Volcano Stops Air Traffic, Poland Grieves, Utah Earthquake, Obama OKs Gay Hospital Visits, Healthy Chocolate - News Headlines 15 Apr 2010

Thinking Persons Funny Quotes 4 Tax Season

Both Obamas Charm the World, Vatican Squirms, Wall Street Howls Against Reform, Tibet Earthquake - News Headlines 14 Apr 2010

Worlds Nuke Security, Attacking Glenn Beck, Unsafe Meats, More Nuke Plants in America, Boy Scouts Penalized 4 Abuse - News Headlines 13 Apr 2010

Slapping Iran, Toyota Bobs and Weaves, NYC Terrorist Patrol, Pakistans Nukes in Peril, Supreme Court Choices - News Headlines 12 Apr 2010

Beautiful Illustrated Quotations and The Healing Waters:

What Spiritual Tests Develop Good Character And Our Talents? - with over 12,700 views the first day that sure was a happy surprise. Thank You!

Your Dreams: 5 Common Characteristics

Icelands Volcanic Ash: Hurting Us And Our Planet?

Take the Test: Whats Your Sex IQ?

Good News: American Soldier Cheers Others with Magic

How to Survive Allergy and Pollen Season

Humor Blogs:

Those Funny Racy RNC Republicans

More Funny Tax Cartoons to Keep You Laughing

Funny Odd Couples: Cats and Their Weirdo Friends

Outrageously Dumb Criminals: Robbers Called Bank For Money To Go

Funny Surfing Peruvian Alpaca

Food Blogs:

2 Crowd Pleasing Easy Casseroles: Mexican Lasagna, Turkey Tetrazzini

Cooking 4 Men, Teaching Men to Cook 2

Awesome Cajun Barbecued Shrimp — New Orleans Style

Yummy Homemade Coconut Cream Pie

Awesome Sauces 4 Louisiana Seafood

New Orleans Recipes: Crawfish Etouffee, Chicken and Sausage Gumbo, Jambalaya, Sazerac Cocktail

Kid Friendly Recipes: Chocolate Quesadillas, Very Best Fudge

Spring Into Grill Season: Mouthwatering Steaks

Chef Rocco Dispiritos Cheap Yet Healthy Comfort Food

Forget the Birds: Awesome Recipes 4 Stale Bread

Flourless Passover Chocolate Cake

Kid Chefs Offer Tasty Recipes 4 Sandwiches Adults Will Like

Visual Insights - photo blog:

Dennys Photo Gallery: How to Know Its Spring

Dennys Photo Gallery: Spectacular Sunrises

The Soul Calendar - science blog:

Air Jets and Volcanic Ash Dont Mix

Iceland Volcano Stops the World From Travel

Moon Water: Order Up Your Cocktail Today

What Do All the Recent Global Earthquakes Mean?

Come to Iceland: Experience Living With a Volcano in Your Back Yard

New Astronomy Photos: Cosmic Rosebud, Winds of Change Black Hole, Orion Nebula

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