12 July 2009

Video: Transforming Inner City Blight

From Denny: With the 100 degree heat AND 90% humidity that just zaps your energy, I've been dragging butt lately with the daily posts! Cranked down the air conditioning in the hopes it revives me. :) It seems it's far hotter than usual just about everywhere on the globe this summer. Maybe we are inventing a new species of humans: the Dragging Butts - can't be any worse than knuckle-dragging Neanderthals... (feel free to enjoy a good snicker!)

Anyway, just saw this video as I enjoy the Making a Difference segments from Nightly News (when I'm dragging butt and need some motivation). I really like these kinds of stories where people go into inner cities and turn city blight back into thriving communities by building new AND affordable homes. Listen to their story of those who did well for themselves and then came back to give back to the community! From NBC News' Making a Difference segment.

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