27 October 2011

Dennys Funny Quotes: Libya: Comic Talks Marketing Guru, Rebranding Libya

John Oliver, photo taken on October 11, 2009, ...Image via WikipediaDennys Funny Quotes: Libya: Comic Talks Marketing Guru, Rebranding Libya: From Denny: This Daily Show interview, conducted by comic John Oliver with former Libyan Ambassador Ali Suleiman Aujali, is a study in what we call in Louisiana "Crawfishing." Get a laugh and watch this 40 year loyal servant of Gaddafi walk backwards his life, his actions, and resell himself as a servant of Libya.

John Oliver: "Gaddafi is one of the most eccentric despots in the Middle East. This leather-faced, Ukrainian nurse-loving lunatic has been in power since 1969."

Then Oliver compares both their bosses as dictators: "We both work for charismatic dictatorial figures who don't like to leave their rooms unless it's to go on to TV. They are both addicted to the adulation of crowds. They both look really weird up close. They both like Jewish jokes - though probably for different reasons..."
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