05 July 2010

Funny Comic Betty White Gets Her Own Calendar

*** Check out what comic Betty White is doing now! The woman is on the move!

From Denny: Actress Betty White has been in show business for longer than most of us have been alive yet she continues to amaze everyone who sees her. She is advancing to age 89 this year but somehow she just doesn't age. A great sense of humor and her dazzling smile and excellent timing with a ready rapier wit have made her popular with yet a new generation of admirers.

She thrived on Saturday Night Live where she made several appearances. White holds the record for the oldest person to host the show. Betty hosted the show after a big push from groups on facebook where she was a huge success.

Betty has yet another show in which she co-stars, called "Hot In Cleveland" which airs Wednesdays at 10 p.m. Eastern and 9 p.m. Central.

Today she is totally the "It Girl" status because her latest endeavor is that she is sporting her own calendar. Rush right out and purchase one for 2011. The calendar is supposed to include some lovely beefcake-type shirtless men posing alongside her just to keep things spicy. Some of the photos are archival while others pose her with animal friends since she is quite the animal lover.

Betty White serves as a trustee for the Morris Animal Foundation and it is to this foundation that her royalties for the calendar will go. The Betty White Calendar costs $12.99 and will go on sale in September 2010. I predict a huge sell out and major re-printings! :)

Check out some glamorous photos of the actress through the decades in this photo gallery:

Betty White at age 26 in 1950 on "Hollywood On Television" show where she worked long five hour days and six days a week in early television when it was live - (Hulton Archive / Getty Images)

Betty White in 1958 when she played "Date With The Angels" - (Everett Collection)

Betty White in 1965 - (Everett Collection)

Betty White in 1985 on "The Golden Girls" show where she won an Emmy - (Lynn McAfee / Retna)

Betty White at age 60 in "Match Game" - (ABC Studios / Getty)

Betty White in 2010 as a big hit on Saturday Night Live - (Lester Cohen / WireImage)

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