03 September 2009

Funny Political Cartoon: Rush and Health Care

From Denny: And on goes the struggle to get our basic right of practical health care available at a decent price to all. No one said we were going to take anything away from people, just get the prices down to reasonable.

C'mon, these days if you have cancer it costs $300,000 to do a bone marrow test to see if or how bad you have cancer. We aren't even talking about treating the cancer. These prices are excessive and outrageous for everyone.

Yet the Republicans keep squawking about unrealistic doomsday scenarios. Hey, the average person just wants to get their teeth cleaned without emptying their wallet, folks. When you break a leg, the average cost is now over $25,000 - for a cleanly broken leg involving no surgery.

It's time to quit kicking the can down the road and screw up some political courage - and national morality to care about all fellow Americans - to construct a workable basic health care plan available to anyone who desires it. News flash: Democrats want Republicans to have good health care as much as Democrats want good health care for themselves.
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