07 August 2009

Libations Friday, Funny Doggy Quotes, Test Your Moon Trivia with Funny Comments, Chocolate Videos and Recipes, Barbecue, Slow Cooking, Quotes

(I love collies!)

From Denny: Apologies to everyone for getting these posts out late. We had severe thunderstorms in our area yesterday and experienced power outage. Was unable to complete all my posting.

It was like the heavens opened up and burst forth. We thought for sure that Noah's Ark was about to make an appearance and float by in our front yard! :) The storm came on suddenly within minutes of me just telling my husband the news I read online about the hurricane season being downgraded on the Atlantic since so few storms had materialized. When the downpour appeared suddenly we looked at each other and wondered about these weather folks a bit... :) It sure felt like the precursor to hurricane weather.

Here are some titles from the various blogs that you might enjoy in case you missed any of these posts this week!

Libations Friday! 7 August 2009 - Featured today: Great historical, sometimes hysterical, coffee trivia, funny video using rap words to sell a car, original poem about how our words create our life.

3 Great Doggy Quotes - great funny photo, be sure to read the photographer's credit caption for a grin!

Video: Test Your Moon Trivia, Learn What's In Your Night Sky - Of course, with the answers I just had to provide a bit of slightly snarky commentary...


Video: How to Make Easy Chocolate Fudge Brownies

Video: Easy Marbled Chocolate Cookie Bark - I love fun easy chocolate recipes "so easy a Geico caveman could do it..."

Recipe: Boston Butt Braised in Coke - easy slow-cooking that is low maintenance and is a real crowd pleaser!

Recipe: Fast Easy Barbecue Bacon Chicken Breast - fast, easy supper kids really like!

Quotes with Commentary

What is the 1 Funny Decision That Makes It Difficult to Plan Your Day?

How Authentic a Writer or Blogger Are You? Quote Included.

How Do You Gauge How Happy You Are?

What is the Simplest Most Unusual Way to Live Our Lives to the Fullest?

Have a great weekend, everyone! Thanks for visiting!
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