17 November 2009

This Weeks Roundup Posts on Romancing The Chocolate - 17 Nov 2009

From Denny: In case you missed out on any of the posts this week, here's a roundup - so you don't have to mind-numbingly go page load after page load to find out - can you tell I'm ever so patient myself for that action? :)

Video: Halle Berry Making a Difference for Battered Women

3 Quick Awesome Chocolate Recipes for the Holidays

Chocolate Trivia - Who Are the Biggest Chocolate Gluttons on the Planet?

Funny Money Advice, Cheeky Quote Day at The Social Poets

Video: Cool Food Gifts for the Holidays, Southern Sweet Chocolate Coconut Pie Recipe

Chocolate Trivia from Horror Director Hitchcock

Awww, 7 Funny Dog Photos to Make You Laugh

Warm Chocolate Pudding Cake
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