23 November 2009

23 Posts Roundup 23 Nov 2009

From Denny: Check out the posts going on this week and get inspired by a bonanza of great holiday recipes! :) While I was posting the recipes I had to fight the urge to scrounge around in the refrigerator... or start cooking!

Roundup of Sunday Funnies 23 Nov 2009

Loving You - Libations Friday! 20 Nov 2009

Funny Quotes About Reading Habits - Cheeky Quote Day! 18 Nov 2009

How Does Gratitude Unlock the Fullness of Life?

The Knot Prayer

50 Lessons Life Taught Me Quotes

Video: Funny Oreo Cookie Obsessed Fan!

6 Easy Turkey Thanksgiving Recipes and Gravy, Roasting Tips and Advice

Video: Unusual Exotic Thanksgiving Menu, Poll on Turkey Vs. Sides Debate

Video and Recipes: 3 Fabulous New Orleans Sweets

Video: Chicago Chef Jimmy Bannos Cajun Thanksgiving Menu of 12 Recipes

Video and Recipes: Holiday Challah and Ciabatta Stuffings, Vegetarian and Sausage

Video: 8 Cajun Thanksgiving Turkey Recipes, BBQ Turkey, Deep Fry Turkey, Roasting Tips

Photo by Tambako the Jaguar @ flickr

21 Funny Thanksgiving Fighting Turkey Photos

Ouch Joke: Corporate Management Lesson for a Real Turkey

Ouch: How Are Businesses Just Like Prostitutes?

Video: How Weird Would Earth Look with Saturns Rings?

Climate Change Studies Reveal Startling Facts

New Controversial Breast Cancer Guidelines Slapped By Backlash From American Women

Video: Tim McGraw Making a Difference

Video: Halle Berry Making a Difference for Battered Women

Cajun Joke: Boat For Sale by Beaudreaux and Thibodeaux

Cool Video: Literally Dancing on The Piano to Play the Song

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