12 February 2012

The Social Poets: Im Just Saying: Funny Political Thought About Romney

Mitt Romney - Caricature
Mitt Romney - Caricature (Photo credit: DonkeyHotey)

The Social Poets: Im Just Saying: Funny Political Thought About Romney: From Denny: Since I could care less who wins or who loses the GOP race for president, I'm free to mock it in style.

At our house we were watching the GOP primary returns for the last three states of Colorado, Minnesota and Missouri. Much to everyone's surprise it was the non-candidate Santorum that ran away with two of the races.

Though delegates were not awarded it is Santorum that has basically caught up with front-runner Mitt Romney by about 86 for Santorum to 94 delegates for Romeny. The winner needs about 700 to win.

Santorum, a Catholic, has sharpened his message to be known as the middle class guy and conservative. Romney is painted as the rich guy who is out of touch.

Lately, since getting trounced in the last race Romney is working hard to overcome the perception by portraying himself as a sensitive guy. He even laid claim to being a Mormon minister for 10 years and how he truly understands the unemployed and marital difficulties as a result of not being able to pay your bills.

So, here is my I'm Just Saying:
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