13 February 2010

42 Funny Political Cartoons 13 Feb 2010

From Denny: This has been a fun week with the New Orleans Saints winning the Super Bowl against all odds and "expert" opinion. America, and the world, loves the underdog story because we all can easily identify with it. Congrats go to the Saints and their loyal fans! When I think back on the time of the devastation in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina and the lousy government response from the political partisans, President Bush and VP Cheney, and yet with all that stress heaped on top of them the New Orleans Saints fans still found a way to support their team.

Even the owner tried to move the team right after the hurricane because he thought he wasn't making enough money. What a jerk. He kicked the average guy when he was down and then rubbed his face in the mud. The only reason the team was not moved is because the NFL Commissioner also thought the Saints' owner was an insensitive jerk and denied permission for the move.

People without jobs and without homes went scrambling to find enough money to buy football tickets to keep the team in New Orleans. Amazing people, don't you think? Definitely, this Super Bowl win went far beyond just the sport of football, digging deep into the emotional psyche of a city and a culture. Congratulations goes to you, the people of New Orleans for your perseverance, tenacity and faith in the impossible.

Super Bowl Champs, the New Orleans Saints:

Cartoonists had a lot to say about America's Not Love Affair with big banks on Valentine's Day. Then there is the usual suspect of not-bi-partisanship highlighted in the area of dysfunctional relationships, so appropos for the love holiday:

Iran, oh, Iran, oh, Great Odious One, Oh, Great Bomb Maker Who Will Blow Up The Planet, Oh, Hearth and Home of the Great Satan selling foreclosed opposition protestors' homes as new vacation property to party loyalists - how do we (not) love thee? Answer: About as much as you love us. The Russians look at Iran, turn to each other, "At least we're out of the Hate Them Doghouse with the world."

NASA and the dream of space exploration looks like it will slowly fade into oblivion unless we recover our National Treasury by stopping these idiot two-front wars that get us nowhere:

And then there's wild-eyed ditzy Sarah Palin who is a complete embarrassment to all intelligent and competent women on the planet... the easiest comedy of all is lampooning a hypocrite that claims everyone else is a hypocrite and "let me prove it, wink, wink."

Prez Obama and Politics... these pictures are truly worth a thousand words!

Let's here it for consumer confidence in the Almighty Toyota:

Canada, our delightful neighbors to the North, who still hold the longest running Gold Medal in moral decency for an entire nation, are sponsoring the Winter Olympics. They came in under budget and a year ahead of time on many projects. Let's hear it for moving corruption out of the business process and look at what can be accomplished in a short amount of time. Are the American lobbyists listening? Maybe they should take a continuing education course from the Canadians about delivering a quality product to the people:

Like Al Gore and his movie, An Inconvenient Truth, didn't warn us and yet it seems no one saw this coming: the unusually severe winter weather across America:

And the best for last because this is how all decent people are feeling about politics these days since our leaders fail to listen to us, the voters, or do anything practical. Remember us? We are the guys who hired you and the guys who will fire you:

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