06 October 2009

Your Choice: 11 Posts, Thought-Provoking Quotes, Politics, World News, Health News

From Denny: Here's a little "light reading" to help you pass the day. :) Seriously, Meet The Press was actually worth the watch this past week, even the roundtable discussion was profitable for a change.

Also, some unusual health news stories you might not have caught this week.

Lots of interesting quotes for your mind to chew on with some beautiful photos for eye candy while you think.

Politics and World News:

Video: Drought Devastates Kenya, People Fighting to Stay Alive

Meet The Press was exceptionally good this past week. I broke down the videos into smaller clips with commentary on each one so you can decide which ones you want to watch. There is also a link to watch the program in its entirety.

Video: Meet The Press part 1, U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. Susan Rice Calmly Boxes Gregory into Submission

Video: Meet The Press, part 2, Democrat Maddow Pummels Republican Murphy into a Pout

Video: Meet The Press, part 3, Press Reaction Mostly Informative, Discuss Race in 2012 Against Obama

Health News

Our New Life Expectancy and Dementia Rated Higher for Professional Athletes

Thought-Provoking Quotes and Beautiful Photos

Do You Feel Buffeted About By the Winds of Life? Heres 5 Thought Provoking Solutions

What Journey is the Most Rewarding?

Cool Way to Practice a Senseless Act of Beauty!

Knowing the Essence of Yourself Creates Success

Thoughts on World Power From Rumi

Photography and Poetry

How to Combine Photos with Your Poetry: Cool Eye Theme Photos!
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